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Stewart and Associates is a Louisville-based design consultancy that’s made a global impact. From strategic consulting and brand positioning to creative execution, we motivate customers by finding the right route and distilling the most-meaningful message. Combining design that thinks with ideas that sell, we create new market opportunities.

Moving Pictures:

Stewart and Associates Latest Work in Motion Graphics

Sure, you may know that we do traditional design, but did you know that we also have the capability to launch your brand into the stratosphere of new media? We will knock your customer's socks off. What? Your customers don't wear socks? Not a problem. We've got you covered regardless of their footwear.

Other News

St. John Center for Homeless Men is not our typical client here at Stewart and Associates. They are a local organization, helping to change the lives of homeless men in the Louisville area. Their mission is to create an atmosphere that encourages homeless men to envision a life of hope, take shelter, and move forward. They see an average of 170 men a day and provide services ranging from a cup of coffee and a hot shower to permanent supportive housing programs.

When Stewart and Associates designer Bryan Todd first heard about a contest to design a mural for a building on Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky, he was all about the design but slightly worried about the painting.

Luckily for us Louisvillians, he stuck with it and his typographic mural design was chosen by the Highlands Commerce Guild as the winner. With the help of close friend Kirby Stafford, his design was painted on The Wine Market Building in the heart of the Highlands, a must experience destination for visitors and locals alike.

When Curt's founder decided there was an unmet need in the towing product market and so began making hitch balls in the back of his father's factory, he may not have realized just how prescient that decision would be. As the hitch and towing products industry suffered through several rounds of consolidation and restructuring, Curt Manufacturing only got bigger and better. Committed to making a superior product and serving their dealers like no other, Curt only needed a brand image that matched their quest for excellence.

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